Business assessment

Every business requires a game plan!

Business assessment or assessment of the company’s activities shows:


  • Where and why losses occur in the company;
  • What the roots of the losses are;
  • What negative pattern recurs and uses the resources of the company;
  • What the indicators of the efficiency of business are;
  • What the indicators of profitability are;
  • What the indicators of stability are;
  • What the indicators of turnover are;
  • What the rate of business is;
  • How much the company costs;
  • How profitable investments are.

It has a tremendous value for management decisions, because, with the right answers, you can check

Whether your expectations are met and to what extent they are met.

And if you would like to accelerate business a little bit more, you know what buttons to press to make it move faster!

In the assessment of business or activities, we also combine the aspects of financial modelling, business management, efficiency and motivation of employees.

After we have carried out the assessment, we will discuss your current situation, which means that you will be granted free access to consultations.

Later, you can make changes yourself or we can take part at your request, in order to make the process faster, more coherent and smooth.

Moving forward means higher income, cash flows and profits. And it does not matter whether your company has just started its activities or whether it has been in business for 20 years or more.

However, in our daily lives we often accept the current situation and tolerate the losses we incur, because we are still making money and we are able to fill in the gaps. But you should ask yourself:

How long does your company operate at the same level?


In practice, I usually get the following answers: maybe five years or even fifteen. It makes me wonder why there is no development or why the desired profit rate has not been set, as maybe the demand for your product is decreasing at this very moment. Why your competitors are more successful than you?

There are a lot of possible questions and answers… but only the owners are responsible for profitability of their activities, because they create the entire game of business… Often it lacks dynamism to endure the crisis period and to occupy a leading position in the market, but it all only comes through discipline, the company’s vision, attitude, control system, leadership and motivation of employees.

Business can be compared with sports, ambitions and power, but the truth is simple – only the client can evaluate how successful a certain product or service is…

Perhaps you are successful in your business and you do not need anything else, but please think – if your business generated the same income within three weeks, instead of four, what would the increase in business, revenue, cash flow and earnings be?

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