Business plan

If your business is expanding and is successful but lacks additional financing from a bank or an investor, and you do not have the time to prepare a good business plan, then contact us and we will offer you the best option and represent you with the prepared business plan in appropriate institutions.

Do you need a business plan now?!

A business plan is required even if you have enough money, since it shows how to run a business and what decisions need to be taken now to achieve a profit!

  •  Perhaps you are starting a new business and want to assess the risks?
  • Are you looking for additional funding?
  • Maybe you lack the working capital and need to adjust the cash flow?
  • Do you want to maximise profits by exploiting all the existing resources of the company?
  • Are you investing in a business, but do not know what is the break-even point at which you will earn a profit?
  • Do you want to expand an existing business but you are unsure about the payback?
  • Or maybe you need to build a successful long-term business strategy?
  • Do you want to merge a number of companies and establish a control system?
  • Maybe you are the leader and you need to prepare a plan for employee motivation?
A business plan will help you successfully achieve the following objectives:
  • Start a new business;
  • Establish or improve a long term strategy of your company;
  • Develop existing business;
  • Obtain additional funding from a bank or investors;
  • Assess business or financial risks;
  • Answer a number of questions relating to management of a company;
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the company and to make the right decisions;
  • Distribute responsibilities according to the functions assigned to employees in order to ensure transparency in the company;
  • To set goals that will help to motivate employees and increase their performance at work.


A business plan is the main map guiding the manager and employees of the company in the right direction and showing us the way that we should take when carrying out our personal activities.

A business plan is composed of the following components:


  • Company information and operational part, the company’s objectives, the presentation of the project; analysis of the current situation;
  • Marketing and operational part;
  • Financial part (cash flow statement, income statement, break-even analysis, indicators of return on investments, risk levels);
  • Determination of business development opportunities – identification of goals, taking into account the internal and external changes;
  • A well-written and evaluated business plan will save your finances and time;
  • The cost of a business project depends on your needs – whether you need the whole business plan or only a part thereof.

In each case, we arrange everything separately and direct the efforts towards achieving the goals! +370 656 11877

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