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Liquidation of a company

Liquidation of a company – without the hassle and headache within 3 months!

Liquidation of a company is a difficult, tedious and rather long procedure. So that the liquidation process would be faster, easier and hassle-free, we can do it for you.

After the decision to liquidate the company has been taken, a liquidator is appointed and a service contract is concluded. A liquidator is a person who carries out all liquidation procedures until a legal person is removed from the Register of Legal Entities. After the appointment, the liquidator takes over all management functions, and the fact whether the process of liquidation of the company will be carried out smoothly depends on the expertise and professionalism of the liquidator. The company is liquidated when the legal person is removed from the Register of Legal Entities.

We will prepare the documents necessary to carry out the liquidation and submit them to the relevant authorities;

– We will make sure that all documents are collected and provided to the Centre of Registers;

– If the company’s financial statements are not presented to the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI), State Social Insurance Fund Board (SODRA) and other institutions, we will organise accounting records and submit tax returns.

– We will organise the documents according to the requirements of the archive, so that they could be stored in the archive;

Liquidation of a company takes about 3 months or less.

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