Accounting services

Accounting of purchase documents encompasses all the invoices and VAT invoices received, according to which the company purchases goods and incurs expenses.

Registration of sales accounting documents encompasses all invoices and VAT invoices issued in the company. You can issue sales invoices on your own or we can issue them according to your needs. At the end of the month, a register of sales invoices, where all purchases made by the company within a period of one month, six months or a year are registered, is established.

Accounting of fixed assets refers to the accounting of total fixed assets purchased in the company.

Accounting of current assets refers to total current assets purchased in the company comprised of raw materials, supplies and goods purchased for resale as well as fuel and other current assets.

Registration of payments and revenue. At your request, we will prepare the necessary payments to suppliers or the State Tax Inspectorate and wages and import them into the banking system, and you will only need to confirm the order, so you could devote your time to more important business activities.

Accounting of debts or accounting of debtors or creditors refers to the debts of buyers accounted for according to primary documents. Normative customer cards contain all the necessary information about them. You can get information about the debts (situation) of buyers, their balance and circulation at any time. Accounting of creditors encompasses debts to suppliers which are accounted for according to primary documents – Payments; Accounting of sales; Accounting of warehouses; Internal movements.

Accounting of financial transactions concluded in a bank encompasses all the records made in banks or banking systems over a certain period of time.
Management of documents relating to a petty cash fund includes all financial transactions made in cash (accounting of all cash receipts and withdrawals) and registration of cash income orders, cash income receipts and cash expense orders.

Calculation of wages

Submission of tax returns to State Social Insurance Fund Board (SODRA), State Tax Inspectorate (VMI), Department of Statistics. Tax returns are submitted by electronical means, so you do not have to walk anywhere, sign or constantly fear that you might submit them too late or simply forget to submit them at all.

Registration of the VAT number/de-registration of the VAT payer. All taxable persons engaged in any kind of economic activity in the Republic of Lithuania can become VAT payers by submitting an application for registration as VAT payers, provided that they:

  • Supply goods and/or provide services in Lithuania, and the total amount received per year (during the last 12 months) is greater than EUR 45 000;

Preparation of the balance sheet refers to drawing up of activity reports within the prescribed period of time. It consists of the balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement and explanatory notes.

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