We provide professional accounting services, the quality of which meets the highest requirements.

Management of accounting and preparation of financial statements of companies encompasses:

  • registration of purchase and sales invoices;
  • accounting of documentationrelating with a petty cash fund;
  • accounting of fixed assets;
  • accounting of current assets;
  • advance accounting;
  • accounting of debts;
  • calculation of wages;
  • accounting of bank documents;
  • summary warehouse accounting;
  • quantitative warehouse accounting;
  • calculation of taxes;
  • accounting of packages;
  • filling of the Intrastat reports;
  • preparation of financial statements.

Preparation of detailed reports encompasses:


  • income statement;
  • detailed (trial) balance sheet;
  • debtors/contacts/creditors;
  • specifications of sales;
  • specifications of costs;
  • records of balance in a warehouse;
  • drawing up of protocols;
  • orders;
  • future consumption statements (waybills);
  • drawing up of employment contracts.

We organise disorderly and irregular accounting records  

We draw up and submit tax returns:

We fill in applications which are submitted to banks, leasing and insurance companies;

We fill in applications for VAT returns from the EU (using the EPRIS system);

We provide the services of an accountant-general (for companies that have their own accountant/bookkeeper);

We provide our clients with an opportunity to use accounting software and submit primary documents themselves.

Tax and accounting consulting includes:

  • calculation of taxes and consultations;
  • representation of companies and natural persons in tax matters;
  • planning of taxes;
  • accounting advice;
  • drafting of accounting policy;
  • examination of installation of modern accounting and internal control systems and consulting.

Business consulting includes:

  • business analysis;
  • assessment of business efficiency;
  • management accounting;
  • assessment of costs;
  • development of motivational system;
  • assessment of business and activities;
  • projection of budget and cash flows.

Review of financial statements, analysis and assessment of indicators includes:

  • financial advice;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • sales transactions;
  • assessment of property and business;
  • investment analysis.
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